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Hi, I’m Laura.

My work has been featured at the Tokyo Met.

That was a big moment for me: picking up the phone and hearing someone say, “Laura Cope San?” Just like in the Karate Kid, I thought. (As you can tell, I’d never been to Japan.)

The next thing I thought was, Really? Me? You want my work in your museum?

I mean, I’m not formally trained.

I wasn’t even supposed to be a photographer.

I was an orthodontist. (I’ll get to that.)

So it’s pretty thrilling to have had my work in a show all the way across the globe.

But even more exciting for me is when my work goes up in your home — whether you’re a prestigious collector, or buying your very first “real” piece of art.

Through my photos, I get to connect you to the natural world. And don’t we all want that?

We work so hard, we stress over so many things to get through life. And then, what do we do?

…We go to the beach, the woods, the Grand Canyon. We crave sky, earth, trees, sand, animals, rock formations, water. We want to get away from our everyday and experience something that hasn’t been touched.

The vast beauty, the wonder, it brings us perspective. Do I really care that my favorite pair of heels broke when I’m looking at THIS?   

The joy of capturing that feeling, and putting it into your home, is what drew me to give up my entire career path and become a photographer.


When I say “path,” I mean a concrete, paved road.

Born and raised in Brazil in a family of world-renowned orthodontists, with parents who ran their own Orthodontic University, I was given my role in life: to follow in my parents’ footsteps, take over their businesses, and run their school.

By age 25, I had lived in South America, as well as North America and Europe, spoke 4 languages fluently, completed a master’s degree in orthodontics, and coauthored a best-selling orthodontic textbook. At 26, I was accepted into the orthodontic residency program at the Medical University of South Carolina. I was one of only three applicants accepted out of a pool of over 300 people.

I went. And resigned just before graduation.

I’d known since 18, during a summer art program in Italy, when I first picked up a camera and felt a born connection with it, that I wanted to be a photographer.

Over the years, I just hadn’t had the nerve to go for it. Not until the very last milisecond, when my fate fitting crooked teeth with braces was almost sealed.

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People thought I was insane.

“After all those years of study and work?” they gasped.

But crossing out “Orthodontist” after my name and changing it to “Fine Art Photographer” was the best thing I ever did.

Within a short time, my first released print, titled “Allure,” was auctioned at a private Red Carpet event in Los Angeles along with the works of iconic artists I’d admired for years. I hadn’t even officially launched my company.

Since Laura Cope Photography came onto the scene, I’ve had the privilege of seeing my works in beautiful, art-filled homes around the world. Some collectors have multiple photos of mine in different rooms, some have just one cherished print. 

Want your own Laura Cope? Browse here.

Exquisite Beauty

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